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I am inspired by my hair, how it looks and makes me feel daily. A little input, a little touch, a little adjustment and I am ready to take on the day!!

Maria's Braiding is a product inspired by the need to have natural hair beautifully braided in the Fort Collins area. When I moved to Fort Collins in 2012 with my 2 daughters, I was faced with the challenge of having my hair braided around the Fort Collins area. The closest place to have hair braided was located 64 miles away, in Denver.  The first couple of months I made the trip to Denver with my girls to have our hair done. Between my school schedule, taking care of the kids, and the cost, I decided to cut my hair and make the kids hair myself. I then met friends who needed help with their hair and realized the desire for braided hair locally. I have 20+ years’ experience in braiding and the passion for putting a smile on Client’s faces as a result of beautiful braids, weaves, crochet, and cornrows.  I was encouraged by my aunt to make it a business, thus the birth of Maria's Braiding in Fort Collins. Set up an appointment with us today for a beautiful hair day, as they say, “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”.

Enhance your natural hair to bring out the beauty in you and put a smile on your face.

Our Vision

Our Story

Let us enhance your beauty!
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